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Welcome to the Solar Fields Gateway. This site serves as a knowledge base for anyone who would like to interact with our group Solar Fields. Please click on one of the tabs above to access desired information.

Custom Modpacks

We provide you with the best game-experience with custom made mod packs and great builds. Join us to experience the feeling and have countless hours of fun!

Great community

ServerFields has a friendly community with both new and experienced players. The community will help you out if you’re having troubles and the staff are always ready to help you out as well!

Powerful servers

Our servers are running on some of the most powerful machines, to give you smooth gameplay with almost no lag or downtime.


Try one of our three flavours of Minecraft. Each has a different style of gameplay.

Not Active

Actively Challenging

For the player with a keen sense of completion. There is always something to do.


Cutting Edge - Not Active

The most up to date minecraft bringing you the latest vanilla snapshots. For those who like to keep on top.

Enigmatica 2

Casually Chill

Easy and simple but this time it has bit of twisted gameplay.

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64 max players
days online
3 great staff members


“Quarter Master is our front end designer and has a knack for automation and ease of use for the user experience. He enjoys playing minecraft with friends while maintaining the Solar Fields Ethos.”

“General Angry is our fully fledged web developer who is heavily adept with server side and back end coding for Solar Fields. While hes not playing he is hacking away at code he can be seen from afar enjoying the company of friends.”

“Evinsta is our back end support specialist and has a comperehensive background in minecraft server configuration. Evin loves playing games, building modpacks and sharing news and knowledge found on online.”


Our teamspeak server is user friendly and self explanatory to use. Each of our channels has a particular purpose. Remember to click on the channel name and read the description if you are not sure about its functionality.


Solar Fields has white-listed and public modded minecraft and vanilla servers. We design our servers for specific styles of gameplay. The packs are carefully managed and updated regularly. We will be happy to see you on our minecraft servers! :D


As a community Solar Fields also runs group based temporary servers for casual gamers. Games that are on these types of servers include Seven Days to Die, Kerbal Space Program, Space Engineers and many more.